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"RLIT setup our website and has maintained it for over three years. We are pleased with RLIT and have received many compliments on the website. If you are looking for affordable, professional help setting up or maintaining your website, we recommend RLIT."

Charles A. Edinger

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IT Support
In todayís small business and medical practice, computers and servers are being used more than ever to tackle daily business operations. Whether your staff is using your IT infrastructure to communicate with customers and prospects, or youíre using it for patient management and billing, you canít afford to be down for long. Down-time means less productivity, lost opportunities, and can just plain-old make you look bad. You need an IT support solution that is affordable and available when needed.

The Problem:
Having a full-time IT support staff can be a costly expenditure for small businesses and medical offices.

The Solution:
At RLIT, we provide prompt, friendly, professional and affordable IT support for our customers. We know that small businesses and medical offices want both a prompt response when they have an IT problem, and also want to avoid the costly overhead of having a full-time IT support staff. Thatís why we provide on-call IT support at an affordable hourly rate for our customers. In addition to being available during regular business hours, our customers can also reach us after-hours if they encounter a problem.

Give us a call today to see how you can take the frustration out of IT support, and put your organization back to work on what matters most.

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